Eliminate identity risk with a secure, sovereign biometric solution

Government and critical industries are challenged by the need to establish a more resilient, identity-defined security solution. The ever-evolving threat landscape calls for a modernised solution that eliminates passwords, access cards and PINs and allows for a disparate or remote public service.

Daltrey is the only identity solution that unifies physical and digital security, providing secure, sovereign authentication to citizens and government employees across all touchpoints.

Any agency, any use case, any scale.

Sovereign data protection

Sovereign data protection

Headquartered in Sydney, Daltrey uses leading, locally-supported cloud providers and data centres which means your data is strictly hosted within your country of operation and subject to your region’s jurisdiction.

Australia’s highest security standards

Compliant with the highest security standards

Daltrey is built to the highest security and privacy standards in order to protect government agencies, defence and intelligence, law enforcement and critical industries.

Using leading biometric technology, Daltrey eliminates the need for insecure methods including passwords, PIN codes and cards while delivering a seamless, convenient user experience across all access points.

Seamless, scalable integration

Seamless, scalable integration

Our middleware platform delivers biometrics-as-a-service, giving you the option to coexist, migrate or retire your legacy systems in a simple, cost-effective way. We’re positioned to deliver complex, scalable and future proof authentication programs across all use cases, tailored to suit each unique risk level and user.

Any agency, any use case, any scale

One interoperable identity for cross-agency authentication

  • Bridge the gap between disparate agency access environments
  • Converge physical and digital access scenarios
  • Apply to unlimited citizen and workforce use cases
  • Customise the user onboarding process and requirements
  • Leverage adaptive biometric authentication
  • Get immutable records for investigation and compliance

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